Playing as a cute cat, team up with Santa to help retrieve the Christmas Star in this wonderful and  magical Christmas hidden object game. Many pet parents would agree that there’s just something mysterious about their feline friends. Whether it be due to their aloof nature or because of the way they can stare, unblinking at something that catches their interest, cats have a spark of magic in them. That said, Puss in Boots is among the most popular felines in movie history. Disney’s rendition of the swashbuckling cat is made even more memorable as it is voiced by an actor who played Zorro himself.

What is Christmas Stories: Puss in Boots?

In the holiday-themed hidden object game Christmas Stories: Puss in Boots, the beloved cat is known as the thief who stole the Magical Star. Without it, there can be no Christmas for anybody. Hoping to save the holidays, so Santa sends one of his helpers to ask for your help. Catch Puss in Boots in time and find out why he would want to keep Christmas from happening. Collect jigsaw pieces throughout your journey and unlock the Secret Room to try your hand at some game challenges. There’s even a Bonus Game where you can see how Christmas is celebrated throughout the world.

A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way

If you have a soft spot for all things feline, then you’ll be glad to know that this game is chock full of them. At the start of the story, the heroine you are playing as meets a kitten by the steps of her porch. It’s winter time so the poor kitten is shivering and has nowhere else to go. You take pity on it, take it inside and fill its belly. You even go as far as naming it, which seals the deal so to speak.

That night, you are woken up by none other than the cute bundle of fur you rescued. Much to your surprise, you discover it standing upright and able to speak like a human. Before you go meet Santa, however, you are tasked to gather warm clothes for the trip — your first hidden object sequence in the game. From here, you have the option to toggle the interactive help option on or off so you can begin immersing yourself in the whimsical game world. It’s up to you to track down the thief using and save the holidays.

Both Whimsical and Realistic

Though Christmas Stories: Puss in Boots has a trio of difficulty level (Kitten Mode, Santa Mode, Puss in Boots Mode), you’ll likely find it easy if you’ve played your fair share of hidden object titles. That’s not to say, however, that it isn’t enjoyable because it is. Unlike many HOGs, each and every mini game, item-collecting side quest and hidden object segment in Christmas Stories: Puss in Boots is related to events in the story.

For instance, heading off to Cat’s Town entails passing through three locked gates. You will need to find matching constellations in order to open each one and move across the moon glade. Another entails piecing together a photo of where the Magical Christmas Star was seen last. After you’ve completed the picture, you get to compare it with the current state of the place to find clues that would lead you to the feline master thief. The cats you meet will also ask you to collect ingredients for coffee or to repair their teddy bears throughout your journey.

We love the fact that though the scenes are full of wonder and fantasy, the game play stays rooted in what is believable. Each puzzle is well thought out and smoothly delivered. It also helps that the game is an absolute visual spectacle.

A Christmas Story to Remember

Although you may not be impressed with the difficulty level of the game, Christmas Stories: Puss in Boots makes up for that with is stunning delivery. Hidden object scenarios are pretty as a postcard. Shadows play a big part in giving a dramatic flair to each scene as they highlight or conceal important items. The scenes are vibrant and packed full of unique details. You can see snow on tree branches and feel warm when looking at a fireplace. Even closets in the background have intricate carvings for you to marvel at.

The cast of characters are delightful, each one professionally written and voiced. The game is likely to be a hit among music lovers as well because the music phenomenal. It is deeply moving, using variations in tempo to go hand in hand with the pace of the storyline.

We were pleased to find that the game isn’t just a mess of side quests and hidden object segments. Instead, it gave us an immersive world that is backed with a solid plot, proper character development and a few heartwarming twists that may just make you teary-eyed. It has everything we could have hoped from a family-friendly hidden object title and more.

This Kitty Doesn’t Need to Beg

If you are a fan of hidden object titles and would like a fresh, lighthearted take on the genre, we highly recommend giving Elephant Games’ Christmas Stories: Puss in Boots a try. Not only are there plenty of mini games to keep you busy, you can also share the fun with the whole family. The game is also appropriate for younger players who are already proficient in reading and are able to use a mouse. Though they may require some instruction from you initially, there are ways to make the game more accessible to them. Hints are always available, with the chosen difficulty level only affecting the time to recharge. Frustrating segments may be skipped entirely as well, giving you the option to simply focus on enjoying the game.

To summarize everything, Christmas Stories: Puss in Boots is a worthy addition to anyone’s hidden object game collection. It gets top marks in both visuals and audio; it effectively weaves mini games into the storyline, making for an immersive experience; not to mention, the characters are memorable too. Curious yet? The Collector’s Edition comes with screensavers, wallpapers and concept art for fans to enjoy.

A Magical Christmas Hidden Object Story Game with a Brave Cute Cat