We all like to show our appreciation for our partners but at Christmas time we especially like to show how much we care by buying a special gift. Finding something unusual and different gets more and more difficult these days as most of us have the where with all to buy whatever we want all year round. So, what shall we buy for our partners this year? Let’s take a look at some ideas for gifts and perhaps fuel the imagination to think of what to buy for that all important Christmas present.

Spa Days for Both Sexes

Buying your partner a spa day as a gift is a great idea, while pamper days are available for both men and women or you can even buy a spa day that both of you can enjoy together. There are many sites that offer spa day vouchers that range in price from a mere £49 through to £200 depending on your budget, while spas are sited all over the UK making it easy to find one near your home.

spabreaks.com has a selection of three different spa vouchers, Spa Day for One at £59.95, Spa Day for Two at £109.95 and Spa Break for Two at £199.95. They offer options of over seventy five different spas to choose from, while their package specific vouchers mean that customers can tailor their visit to their individual requirements.

Virgin Experience Days is another great option where their Pamper Days offer a luxurious day spent being indulged in any way you prefer such as having a complete makeover, photo shoots or simply relaxing in a spa. Spas are located all around the country and offer a wide range of experiences that both sexes can enjoy. Treat your loved one to a spa break to remember with a Christmas gift that will leave them with fond memories they will recall all year round.

Sushi Making Lesson

Joining in a one off Sushi Making Lesson is a great idea for those of us who love this healthy cuisine plus it makes a very unusual Christmas gift idea, we think you will agree. There are locations throughout the UK that offer these lessons including Bristol, London, Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester therefore there is a lesson to be booked somewhere within your reach.

Priced at around the £50 mark the recipient be it male or female will have a great time learning the art of making Sushi so adding to their culinary expertise. Buying a gift like this shows how you have really thought about finding an unusual gift that your partner will enjoy rather than the usual perfume or after shave.

There are various websites that offer these vouchers including groupon.co.ukand buyagift.co.ukthat range in price depending on how many lessons or how long the lessons are. Learn the basics of making Sushi so that you can prepare this wonderful delicacy at home!

Coffee Making Machines

Drinking coffee is so popular nowadays, while the high streets are full of coffee shops from the nationwide brands through to independant coffee shops. All make superb coffees that come in many different guises from Cappucinos to Lattes and Hot Chocolate drinks. Making special coffee at home is now made possible by the introduction of superb coffee making machines for home use.

There are many different makes of coffee machines with many being priced around the £100 to £150 price mark, while the aroma of freshly ground coffee around the home is wonderful plus the ability to make that special mug of our favourite tipple wihout leaving the home is very tempting.

Coffee machines from makers such as Tassimowho make many different models,Lavazza, or Delonghi who have a superb selection of machines make it easy for us amateurs to join the ranks of the best Barristas to make a beautiful cup of coffee.

Name a Rose Gift

What more romantic a gift could you buy for the lady in your life than to have a rose named after her? This is a great idea as a Christmas gift especially if your lady is the girl who has everything. It not only ticks all the boxes but is a romantic gesture that your partner will treasure. Available from gettingpersonal.co.uk the present comes gift boxed making it look really special.

The idea behind this gift is to name a packet of seeds after your partner that she can then grow into a rose bush in her garden. Her name will be registered to the particular rose bush, while she will receive a personalised certificate to authenticate the gift. Priced at around £20 its a great present that won’t break the bank but fill her heart with joy!

Loo Read

Now you may think what kind of gift is this to give your man at Christmas? Well, we find that many men go to the bathroom and spend hours sitting there reading their favourite magazine or newspaper. The ladies among us cannot understand this phenomena as we wouldn’t dream of sitting there for ages reading, we tend to get on with the job in hand and leave the bathroom as soon as possible.

We think this quirky gift is a great idea as not only is it unusual but it will certainly bring a smile to your partners face when he opens it. It certainly is useful too as all the magazines that normally spend their days on the bathroom floor looking very messy will be kept in one neat place for your other half to access as and when required.

This nifty little gift available from Totally Funky comes in at around £25.00 therefore is great for anyone who does not have a lot of cash to spend this Christmas. Bring a smile to your partners face this Christmas with the hilarious Loo Read!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him and Her