What to buy your children at Christmas? now there’s a question! If your children are youngish they will probably be after what the latest toy or gadget is this year, while older children can be easier to buy for if they have a particular hobby or pastime they are in to. Here we take a look at some popular toys for 2020 plus some ideas for the older kids.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Ninja Turtles have been popular for years and this year is no exception. There is a whole range of merchandise available from Playmates Toys when it comes to the Ninja Turtles. The new Shell Raiser vehicle is popular this year as it is the main transport vehicle for the Ninja Turtles, while up to eight action figures can fit inside it.

Maybe it is the action figures you want to buy your Turtle mad kids? There is Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Raphael and Donatello plus Splinter the Ninja Master, while the Evil Shredder, the Turtles arch enemy, will give the Ninja Turtles someone to fight. All the figures come clothed and with weapons plus although quite pricey for the whole set are well made and durable so will last to be passed down to younger brothers or sisiters.

Furby Boom

The new Furby Boom from Hasbro is the next creation in the Furby family and will prove very popular this year with the children. This toy will keep your kids occupied for hours, while in some ways the Furby Boom seems almost life like due to its interactive nature which is very sweet and loveable.

There are six Furby Booms to choose from offered in a range of bright colours. Children can teach Furby to speak English as they talk to the toy, while cuddling, petting or pulling his tail all comes in with the fun of entertaining Furby. There is also a free Furby Boom app that enables kids to play games, obtain eggs plus care for Furby babies, while Furby Boom will develop his own unique personality and remember his name which will enchant children who are lucky enough to get this toy for Christmas.

Disney Talking Sofia Doll

The Disney Talking Sofia Doll is going to be a must have toy for the little girls this Christmas. This beautifully crafted doll comes with her own animal friends who she can interact with plus talk to. To make Sofia talk simply place one of the accompanying figures near her amulet that glows enabling conversation. There are around thirty different phrases making this doll great to play with over and over again.

Sofia dresses like a true princess and wears a lovely purple frilly outfit that sparkles and shines as you would expect from a princess doll, while imaginative play is encouraged as Sofia can have many adventures and experiences created by her owner. Disney has a real winner with this superb talking doll that any child will be happy to own at Christmas.

The Teksta Robot Puppy

Maybe your child would like a puppy for Christmas but you don’t want the responsibility of an animal in the house. What about this great robotic puppy dog? The Teksta Robotic Puppy is proving really popular with kids of all ages, while it is available in pink or blue pleasing both genders.

This superb toy walks, talks, sits and wait for it! He can even perform an energetic back flip that is very impressive. We fell in love with this cute puppy immediately as he is so life like in that he has a number of eye expressions that indicate how he is feeling.

Call for your puppy and he will wag his tail and move forward. This is due to the unique voice recognition feature, while the downloadable app that is free, enables the puppy to perform even more amusing tricks. We spent ages playing with this puppy and are sure your child will do the same. It really is a superb Christmas gift idea for boys or girls and comes in at around the £60 mark.

LeapPad Ultra

The LeapPad Ultra is a superb tablet that will make a great Christmas gift for your child. Kids these days are very software savvy therefore owning one of these hi-tech hand held machines will put them up there with all the other child techies.

Produced by Leapfrog the Ultra ticks all the boxes for child and parent. The tablet is educational, safe for kids to use on the web, is durable, while kids have access to over five hundred games and E books plus the hi resolution screen provides a crystal clear picture.

The apps that are specially designed for this tablet provide music and videos too, all suitable for your child to view, while its educational features that children will use to learn many interesting facts are second to none and compare favourably with other tablets of this kind. With rechargeable batteries, video camera and recorder plus excellent MP3 player your child will spend many happy hours using this great tablet.


Robofish are aquatic robots that swim around in the water just like real live fish do. As soon as your child drops Robofish into the water tank he comes to life swimming around plus you can buy any number of Robofish for your tank making it look just like a real aquarium!

Zuru Toys have created a real winner with the kids and the idea is really inovative plus different. Want to clean the tank? Simply take the Robofish out of the water, dry it and the fish will be deactivated. Its fascinating to watch as the fish flip their tails and make sharp turns just the way your goldfish would do.

The fish come in a variety of colours and patterns therefore collecting a “family” of fish is enabled, while feeding these cute robot fish is of course not necessary. Robofish makes a great Christmas gift for the child that wishes for something a little different plus is priced reasonably so is affordable for most budgets.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Kids in 2020