The Christmas Story games below can all be downloaded and played on PC’s and Mac’s. They feature original narratives with magical characters, tricky puzzles, hidden objects and beautiful visuals to capture the perfect festive spirit of Christmas. Featuring Santa Claus, cute cats, haunting ghosts and toys that come alive you will be able to fill more than a stocking’s worth of time with them while being challenged every step of the way! Most are suitable for kids to play too except possibly the spooky ghost ones (watch out for them!). We explain about each Christmas game in full so you will get an idea whether they are suitable for you or your kids to play through, enjoy!

1. Christmas Stories: Puss in Boots Collector’s Edition


What if something happens and suddenly, there can be no Christmas? That’s unthinkable, right? Well in Christmas Stories: Puss in Boots (Collector’s Edition), you will need to find the Magical Star if you want to save the holidays. This hidden object game will have you searching for clues in order to catch the master thief. Fulfill challenges set by your new feline pals and enjoy a wealth of concept art, wallpapers and screen savers along the way. With this lovely title from Elephant Games, every day can be as fun as the holidays.

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2. Christmas Stories: Hans Christian Andersen’s Tin Soldier


The Baron has gotten ahold of the evil Rat King’s staff and he’s also up to no good. In Christmas Stories: Hans Christian Andersen’s Tin Soldier, you play as Albert — better known as the Nutcracker. Join forces with Charlie the Tin Soldier to rescue Nina and destroy the Baron’s evil curse. Fight trolls, locate lost miniatures and even build a snow man. Developed by Elephant Games, this hidden object title features 36 interactive scenes set in a grand palace.

Destroy the Baron’s Curse

Who hasn’t heard of the Nutcracker? Whether you’re a big fan of Christmas or appreciate ballet, you’ve likely heard of the whimsical tale. This time around, the Baron got ahold of the Rat King’s wand and they’ve been turned into toys once again. Join Albert, the Nutcracker, as he tries to help his friends destroy the curse. Fight trolls, build a snow man and find lost miniatures within the story, a hidden object title with a twist.

Third Time’s a Charm

The third game in Elephant Games’ holiday-inspired, hidden object series, Christmas Stories: Hans Christian Andersen’s Tin Soldier picks up roughly where the last game left off. Instead of the Rat King, you’re facing off against the Baron’s minions. Team up with Albert and Charlie as they try to rescue Nina from the Baron’s clutches. Unfortunately, there’s one teeny tiny problem — they’ve been turned into toys. As the Nutcracker, Albert must gather enough materials to recreate a tin soldier body to contain Charlie’s heart. Once that’s done, you’ll get to rely on their help to solve various mini games throughout this holiday HOG. Ask Nutcracker for Hints whenever you’re stuck. Or, if you come across some nasty trolls, Charlie the Tin Soldier can come lend a hand. Found a journal entry mini game? He’s also the toy for the job.

What makes this hidden object game a gem is the amount of effort Elephant Games put into polishing its details. More often than not, key items aren’t just lying on the ground. To proceed, you might need to dig them out of a pile of random things, assemble them from separate pieces or use your imagination to turn them into something useful. That being said, you’ll want to take your time in examining all of the game’s nooks and crannies. We guarantee you’ll find something of interest in every scene.

Puzzle Me This


Another factor that contributes to the game’s successful delivery is the variety of puzzles you’ll encounter as you progress through it. From driving away a pesky troll with a sweet tooth to creating a tin body for Charlie, you’ll be given a mental floss even from the get-go. What’s more, the hidden object segments themselves are rarely straightforward. Unlike other games wherein you are provided a list of items to find and those are hidden in plain sight, Christmas Stories: Tin Soldier adds its own twist to the formula. In the first HOG segment for example, you’ll be tasked with finding pairs of items through a memory matching game. As they’re hidden behind interactive elements so you’ll need to take note of each item’s location until you’ve found a match for it. Simple but effective.

Now, if you ever find yourself stuck in a particular scene, you can opt to ask the Nutcracker for help. Depending on your chosen difficulty mode, that is. You are given four options for this. Nina’s Mode (Easy), Charlie’s Mode (Medium), Nutcracker’s Mode (Hard) and lastly, a custom difficulty mode. These vary in terms of the availability of Hints as well as whether significant locations are marked or not, giving players of all skill levels a chance to experience the amazing story at their own pace. The custom mode also adds a couple of things to the equation, namely, the ability to skip puzzles and the feature’s recharge time.

A Classic Tale with a Modern Twist

While having the option to rely on sparkles may not be enough to sell this classic to those who have never played a game in genre, then surely its beautiful game design will. Christmas Stories: Hans Christian Andersen’s Tin Soldier features 36 breathtaking scenes set in a festive palace. Just like its predecessors, the level of detail in each one is astonishing. Gifts vary in shape and size, freshly fallen snow glisten on branches and lanterns shine softly against a wintery backdrop. The graphics in Christmas Stories: Hans Christian Andersen’s Tin Soldier is perhaps the best we’ve seen from the developer. What’s more, the audio is professionally composed. It complements the animations, bringing them to life with festive notes and sound effects.

If you have a weakness for clever puzzles, then you will certainly love Christmas Stories: Hans Christian Andersen’s Tin Soldier. Aside from puzzles which serve to progress the story, there are also mini games which add more depth to the game. Unlike many other HOGs, the puzzles in this title are smoothly woven into the events happening on screen. It also adds a measure of challenge for veteran fans of the genre. Even if you are new though, the chances are slim that you will find yourself frustrated at any point in the story. Not only are there clues scattered about and story cues that could help you figure things out, you can also rely on the built-in Hint system that gives you an added push. Basically, the Tin Soldier story will keep you busy but you likely won’t notice the time. It’s an enjoyable experience filled with convenient shortcuts such as map jumping and skips, ensuring that your time is well spent as you progress through the story. As they say, time really flies when you’re having fun.

With a game that looks, sounds and plays as good as this, there’s usually only one thing that could be missing: replay value. As a hidden object game, there’s really very little that would make you want to come back after you’re done with the story. On average, it also only takes about five hours to complete, even with the bonus chapters included in the Collector’s Edition. It’s a bit short and if you see that as an issue then you may want to give this a pass. However, if you want a quality HOG that’s short but sweet, you may find Tin Soldier to be the perfect holiday treat.

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3. Twisted: A Haunted Carol

This chilling hidden object game stars none other than Jacob Marley, the business partner of Ebenezer Scrooge himself. Instead of simply being cheated of money, the old miser is responsible for Marley’s death. Why has he done it? And will he get away with it? As Marley, you aim to seek vengeance for your untimely death with the help of the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. Developed by Casual Arts, Twisted: A Haunted Carol is a unique take on the classic by Charles Dickens. It features 112 scenes all in all and over an hour’s worth of game play.

A Game About Murder and Revenge at Christmas Time

This Christmas, are you on Santa’s naughty or nice list? Although as adults we know that tales are often told to keep children behaved for the rest of the year, there’s no denying they leave a lasting impression. One such story would be about Ebenezer Scrooge from the novel A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens — you know, Mr. “Bah Humbug” himself?

Instead of simply cheating his business partner, the miser resorts to murder in this chilling tale of betrayal. As Jacob Marley, the victim of this terrible crime, you seek a little vengeance. With the help of the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, you’ll soon be teaching Scrooge the error of his ways. After all as they say about karma, it can be a real pain in the behind.

Twisted: A Haunted Carol is a hidden object game that features 112 scenes in total with over an hour’s worth of game play. A retelling of the famous Charles Dickens story, this HOG is simple and short.

Travel Through Time

For you to appreciate the clever storytelling that Twisted: A Haunted Carol has to offer, you’ll want to have an idea about the story it was based on. You see, Ebenezer Scrooge was a real jerk. Not only did he cheat his former associate, he was also nasty to all those around him. Are you a fan of caroling? Well you wouldn’t want to end up being assigned to this man’s street. That is, until he meets the spirits of Christmas. While they don’t look as scary as their Twisted counterparts, they are still quite effective in getting their message across. In fact after all that, Scrooge does a complete 360.

In Twisted: A Haunted Carol, things are a tad darker. Instead of being cheated, Jacob Marley gets murdered. You see, he found out some of Scrooge’s dark secrets and the latter decided to silence his partner for good. Though it hasn’t been proven by the town, everyone suspects the old miser of foul play. in this twisted tale, you play as Jacob Marley. With the help of three ghosts, your goal is to seek revenge against your killer. Although you normally can’t pick objects up as a ghost, your three new buddies grant you physical form.

Keeping Things Simple

The gruesome version of the tale sounds promising. And it is, if you’re looking at things strictly in terms of storyline. However, if you want the best that a hidden object game has to offer, you’re in the wrong place. It’s not that Twisted: A Haunted Carol is as terrible as a lump of fruit cake, it’s just that it’s middling in the aspects that matter. For starters, its hidden object segments are simple. Too simple, in fact, that the game can be finished in just a little over an hour. Just like other titles in the genre, you are provided with a list of items to look for in a scene. Unlike other games though, that’s about it. It doesn’t require you to push objects around to uncover key items or to, say, wait for a candle to melt in order to get wax. All you do is to spot items straight out. Sometimes, you will be tasked with finding multiples of that item, but that’s about it.

Speaking of key items, the game suffers from a bad case of one time use syndrome. Not familiar with the concept? For instance, you pick up a box of matches and you find a place to use it. Once that’s done, the item gets discarded. Unfortunately, you come across another puzzle a couple of minutes later needing the same key item. Alas, the box of matches has already been taken out of your inventory and you’ll have to find another one. Perhaps you’re thinking that that’s not so bad but in the game, the concept gets applied to a hammer. A box of matches, we can explain but a hammer? It would have been nice to see either a lot of more thought or a little more variety in this aspect.

What makes it worse is that you can almost always find the items you need right away. Often, you can find it even before you come across the puzzle that requires it. As it is, the hidden object segment of the game is already weak. Having the exploration portion of it be this way only adds to the list of reasons why Twisted: A Haunted Carol can’t go toe to toe with HOGs such as those in Elephant Games’ Christmas Stories series.

A Cold Christmas

The bottom line is, Twisted: A Haunted Carol may have an interesting story concept but it falls short when it comes to delivering a memorable experience. Being a hidden object title, you’d think that it would at least have a few tricks up its sleeve when keeping key items away from plain sight. Maybe you’re hoping to combine parts together for a little extra challenge. If you say yes to any of those two, well you’ll be sorely disappointed. It’s also quite short and even those who are new to hidden object titles will likely finish it in just over an hour.

Thankfully, it’s not all bad. The dull colors and moody lighting suit the game’s theme. The sinister plot retains enough of the original tale to please fans of the classic while still managing to inject a bit of its own unique flavor to keep things interesting. Its simplicity can be looked at as an advantage too, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Twisted: A Haunted Carol may not be the best hidden object title out there but it’s still worth a look. Your enjoyment of this game will depend entirely on what you’re hoping to get out of the experience. Thanks to its unique take on the well-known story, it’s a good pick for those looking for a holiday-themed HOG that can be completed quickly.

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4. Christmas Stories Nutcracker

Are you on the lookout for a game to get you in the mood for the holidays? If you’re into hidden object games, Christmas Stories: Nutcracker by Elephant Games may just be the title for you. As you may have guessed from its title, the game’s story is based on the ballet. While not a direct adaptation, it does feature many familiar characters and elements sprinkled with some rather entertaining surprises of its own. With its classy, fairy tale feel, Nutcracker is suitable for hidden object fans of all ages.

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5. Christmas Wonderland 5

Hidden object games like Big Fish’s Christmas Wonderland series can take players to interesting new sights in a very relaxed gaming atmosphere. After all, you are playing an HOG title with a dose of Yuletide cheer. But what should we expect to see in the fifth game in the series -especially that Santa has not only brought the magic of the holidays into homes but even to the White House itself? Where else can Santa Claus go? In that regard, we have a few very interesting ideas for new hidden object scenarios for the next game.

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