If you can name all the reindeers, or know Santa’s actual postal address (hint, it’s in Canada), then chances are, you are a big fan of the holiday season. Of course, you don’t even need to know those things to be a fan of Christmas -and if you are reading this game review, then you probably are one. And that is great, because the fact is that this game was designed for people who love and enjoy the holidays, this Big Fish Game’s Christmas Wonderland.

What is Christmas Wonderland 3?

Christmas Wonderland 3 is a hidden object game. Now, if you are a fan of the genre (or at least have played a few HOG’s before), then you already know what to expect. But for those of you who have not, here is all you need to know about this type of games.

Hidden object games (or HOG’s), will present players will a list of items to look for. Then your task will be to scour the screen to look for these items. More often than not, the screen will be filled with busy, detail-heavy content. Lots of objects, confusing colors, and many little things tucked away here and there. It takes both a keen eye and a lot of patience to be able to sort through the content in order to find the stuff you are looking for. Once you find and item, just click on it and look for the next.

Once you succeed in finding all the items, the game proceeds forward with the story (if there is a narrative) and then it leads you the next set of hidden objects to look for. In between, some games present players with additional stuff to do like galleries to unlock contents for or minigames to play around with.

Santa Wants You to Have Fun

There’s a story here, and it basically revolves around you trying to earn a special ticket to see Santa, and once you’re there, you get to explore around interesting places with him. Narrative wise, well, let’s just say that it is rare for people to bother with the plot of HOG titles anyway, so it is negligible. The gameplay itself, is very fun.

The difficulty level of Christmas Wonderland 3 can range from challenging to somewhat frustrating, with some objects cleverly hidden away in the images. If this is not your first rodeo, than you will certainly fair better than the players who get this game as their first run with an HOG. Not that it is impossible though, a little bit of patience is all it really takes and if this is how you got initiated to the genre, you can be sure you that many other HOG titles are easier.

Because as tough as this game is, it also has a very fun atmosphere; the music will make you want for some eggnog. The visuals are quite cheerfully done and it is hard to feel upset or stressed when you are looking at something that feels like it belongs in a snowglobe. And speaking for snowglobes, there are plenty of puzzles in the game too, so expect to get a little bit busy if you have this game lined up for the yuletide season.

On the other hand, if you don’t like celebrating Christmas, them this game will be absolutely hard to get into. That should make perfect sense considering the title is literally Christmas Wonderland 3 -if you were hoping for some mystery to solve or some ancient secret to uncover, there are plenty of other HOG titles to choose from.

Like Making Snow Angels

One of the things that we love about Christmas Wonderland 3 is that unabashed way that it approaches the spirit of the season. It is Christmas and the game’s character just wants to see and experience something new and special. And that reflects a lot about many of the people who also celebrate the holidays. Clicking on hidden objects feels relaxing, even when there are time limits and other restrictions, especially with the game’s overall theme, it is hard to feel any sense of pressure -and that is perfect, since this exactly the kind of game that you want to have during the holidays.

Christmas Wonderland 3 Game for PC: A Holiday Themed Hidden Object Cracker