Children, especially little girls, love to play with My Little Pony (, and there are so many different toys now on the market associated with the ponies that we are literally spoiled for choice for which to buy your girl at Christmas time. Here we take a look at some of the most popular and best-selling of the series available to buy on Amazon.

My Little Pony Crystal Playset

Children will adore this amazing Crystal Palace complete with Princess Twilight Sparkle Pony who can be pampered and dressed to make her ready to be the Belle of the ball. The set contains everything kids need to make their pony look amazing with a whole range of beautiful items including that inspire the sort of creativity you can imagine through the digital but in a real physical form.

  • Dress Shoes and Accessories
  • Blow Dryer and Perfume Bottle
  • Two Pairs of Shoes
  • Purse Ring and Tiara
  • Hangars
  • Jewellery
  • Books
  • Stickers and Instructions

Suitable for children age three and over kids will have lots of imaginative fun with this superb set that is available to buy from Amazon.

My Little Pony Walking Talking Pinkie Pie

This superb Pinkie Pie Pony walks talks and even sings, while her head bobs up and down as she walks making her look very life like. Suitable for children age three and over Cutie Pie comes complete with a cute headband that kids can use to dress her hair.

How do we get Pinkie Pie moving? Simply press her cutie mark and listen to what she has to say. Cutie Pie will make your child smile as they listen to her amusing phrases, while girls will love to comb and dress her long pink mane to make her look really glamorous. Included in the pack available to purchase from Amazon are:

  • 2 x AA Batteries
  • Pinkie Pie Pony
  • Headband

Ty UK 7-inch My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Beanie

This Rainbow Dash Pony toy is made from plush fabric that is soft and cuddly to hold therefore is ideal for little ones from the age of six months upwards. Toddlers will love to care for this brightly coloured pony, while as the pony is part of a series there are more to collect in the future too.

Amazon has the toy for sale at the very reasonable price of £6.61 and customers awarded the Rainbow Dash Beanie Toy a spectacular 4.7 from 5 stars! Features include

  • Tactile and cuddly plush fabric
  • Part of Ty’s new collection
  • Bright blue colour with rainbow shaded tail
  • Wings have hologram affect due to shiny fabric

My Little Pony Rainbow Power Rainbow Dash Doll

All the Ponies in the My Little Pony range are special but this little pony is extra special as she has a special trick to show us. The Power Rainbow Dash Doll is quite a gymnast as she can flip over and land on her feet! Kids will be amazed by this superb pony and even more exciting is the fact that she comes complete with rub on design stickers that kids can use to decorate their pony to look unique.

Ideal for children age five years and over Power Rainbow Dash is available to buy from Amazon. She has a long pretty mane, offers a unique flip feature and will keep the kids occupied for hours performing her summersaults. Inside the package customers can expect

  • Winged Flip and Whirl Rainbow Dash Figure
  • Rub on Design Sheet
  • Comb

My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle’s Twinkling Balloon

Children enjoy collecting accessories for their My Little Pony figures therefore they will be delighted to own this Twinkling Balloon that comes complete with Twilight Sparkle herself. But that’s not all! The package also features a Spike the Dragon figure too! Kids will have hours of fun placing their figures in this amazing balloon that also features twinkling lights and music.

Spike can sit on the edge of the balloon or on top of the canopy it’s up to your child, while the night mode feature is great as the balloon will light up your child’s bedroom when switched to night light mode. Amazon are selling a real winner here as the package comes complete with

  • Twilight Sparkle Pony Figure
  • Spike the Dragon Figure
  • Telescope for Spike to look at the stars through
  • Balloon that Lights Up and Plays Music
  • Night Light
  • Suitable for Age 3 upwards
  • Batteries Included

Monopoly Junior My Little Pony

Monopoly has been a popular board game for decades with adults and children alike with the junior version of Monopoly being a simpler edition created for kids to enjoy. Now My Little Pony fans can pick up the Monopoly Junior My Little Pony board game that combines their favourite toys with an equally favourite game.

Suited to kids’ age five years and over this game enables My Little Pony fans to travel around Equestria collecting magical ponies along the way. Players can build rainbows and pay with hearts, while it does have an educational element as it encourages children to count and read as they play along. Amazon are selling Monopoly Junior My Little Pony for £19.99 which is a great price, while each package includes

  • Equestria Game Board
  • Four Special Pony Tokens
  • 1 Bag with 32 Rainbows and Dice
  • 4 Collectible Ponies
  • Money Pack
  • 32 Playing Cards
  • Instruction Book
  • Suitable for 2 to 4 Players

My Little Pony Friendship Express Train Set

This fabulous train set has seven tracks that will take Pinkie Pie and all her pony friends on the trip of a lifetime as it trundles by with the motorised engine chugging along at the front of the carriages. Further train cars are available to buy separately therefore Pinkie Pies Friendship train can be as big or small as you like.

Included in this amazing package are

  • Pinkie Pie Herself
  • Seven Track Pieces
  • Motorised Engine
  • Railroad Cart
  • Decorative Stickers

The set requires two AA batteries that are not included in with the package, while coming in at around £22.95 from Amazon Pinkie Pie’s Train set will make a great birthday or Christmas gift.

My Little Pony Back Pack

Most children need a backpack for school so why not take a look at this colourful backpack from My Little Pony that fans will be proud to own. The bag is an ideal size for carrying small items or lunch boxes and features two wide comfortable straps for comfort and ease of carrying.

Kids love the heart shaped image of My Little Pony that is featured on the outside of the backpack, while the bag is made from durable plastic that can be easily cleaned and cared for. This pretty backpack is perfect for little ones and is available to buy for less than £4.50 from Amazon. Features of the backpack include

  • Two Sturdy Zips
  • Heart Shaped Front Pocket
  • Adjustable Back Straps
  • My Little Pony Design on Exterior

My Little Pony Princess Cadance

Princess Cadance is dressed for her wedding in a beautiful gold embellished gown fit for any princess. Kids will have great fun getting Cadance ready for her wedding day while watching her wings, which also light up, flutter as the excitement builds. Children can style her hair with the included comb then place her tiara in order to complete the look. Press Cadance’s button and she will talk too. Suitable for age three and over each set includes

  • One Pony
  • One Wedding Dress
  • Hair Comb
  • Tiara
  • 2 x AAA Batteries

Those who wish to treat their little ones to this fabulous gift will find My Little Pony Princess Cadance at the Amazon website.

My Little Pony Princess Celestia

Princess Celestia can fly and she comes with a range of amazing accessories too making her a great addition to any child’s My Little Pony collection. Suitable for kids age three and over press the button on her leg to see her wings move and glow. Listen to her speak or simply let her take to the air while listening to the amazing accompanying music.

Batteries are required and are included in the set, while also included in this package from Amazon are:

  • Pink Comb
  • Beautiful coloured hair slides
  • Colourful mane of hair
  • Celestia Figure
The Best My Little Pony Toys to Buy for Christmas