Because who doesn’t need a rocket-propelled, upgradable Santa to pass the slowly-dragging Christmas minutes?

Santa’s reindeer are slowly becoming obsolete, or at least they would be if the situation of Rocket Santa 2 was a reality. In this game, Chris Cringle chooses to ignore the dangers of travelling at altitude in order to make his commute from ground level to serious heights by using a rocket powered by limited amounts of fuel and controlled by you, the player at home wishing to pass minor amounts of time this festive season.  Even though Santa’s reindeer are going nowhere fast, Santa and his rocket are going everywhere much faster, but mainly upwards, with you at the figurative wheel.

The original Rocket Santa brought us some distinctively high-flying, launch-based action, and Rocket Santa 2 is all about bringing us more of the same, only with more upgrades and a tweaked design. Those not familiar with this particular brand of launching fun need only to know that the game involves launching Santa up into the air and trying to reach as high of an altitude as you can manage with the fuel that you have. Santa is launched by clicking the mouse anywhere on the screen at pretty much any time during the launch phase, but preferably when the launch power meter is at its maximum level (on the green zone as opposed to the red zone). After Santa is launched, it is then up to you to guide him through the air with the mouse, using extra boosters activated with Mouse Button 1 and also collecting money and other bonus items as you go until you run out of fuel and fall back down to Earth.

At the heart of things, Rocket Santa 2 is really just a run-of-the-mill launch game, though the upgrades available do go a fair way to making the game more entertaining in the long run. Santa can be ‘pimped’ to improve features like his helmet, side rocket, and jet pack as well as other power ups like increased boost time and increased appearance of coins, though these latter features are only unlocked after a certain number of launches. There is even an attempt at making things interesting by including goals like collecting a certain number of coins and fulfilling other criteria, though this really doesn’t take away much from the repetitive grinding for cash, which feels like there simply isn’t enough of in the game.

In all honesty, we expected a lot more from (considering that they are responsible for one of the greatest launch/distance-based games ever created in the form of Berserk Ball 2. These expectations aside, however, we still enjoyed Rocket Santa 2 for the chase of the upgrades, the amusing metal-style renditions of classic Christmas songs, and the amusing sound and sight of Santa falling back down to Earth from a very high altitude. After all, isn’t that what Christmas is all about? Rocket Santa 2 most definitely ticks the boxes required for it to be a fantastic Christmas and one of our favourite browser based games second to only cyclomaniacs 2 (there are a few now – I Am Flying to the Moon being another great example), but there’s one problem: you may end up beating it in the time it takes for you to be bored of your new Christmas presents. To alleviate this issue, it would pay to take a look at this extensive range of Christmas Games including a few more involving narrative ones available.

Rocket Santa 2: Ho Ho We Have Lift Off!